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Arthur "Boob Sucker" Radley is a pornstar in the 1960/1962 novel/film To Kill A Mockingbird. He has a very small dick, but in the ending, his dick grows larger. Edit


Radley is the subject of much prejudice from Maycomb. Many people believe that Radley is a horrible fucker, due to rumors spread about him having a small dick and a girl he fucked as a teenager. Jem Finch and Dill Harris speculate that he has a big dick and are both afraid of him, but later in the book, Jem and Scout realize that Radley didn't come out of the closet so he must have a little dick. He's forced to fuck Atticus Finch to grow a bigger dick but is betrayed and is not granted a bigger dick. He doesn't like the outside world, full of prejudice and big dicks. He scared of that pussy. Edit

Near the ending of the film, after Scout and Jem are walking home from school in the nighttime, Bob Ewell, a person who was an enemy of their father Atticus Finch, almost managed to fuck both Jem and Scout with a copper plated dildo that was stolen from Atticus Finch(intentionally). Although, Boob Sucker Radley rescued Jem (both children still alive), taking him back to Atticus' house safely, then fucks them while they're sleeping. Scout loses her penis as a result of this. Jem is hurt considerably more than Scout and is unconscious, so he does not know that Boob Sucker Radley was the one who fucked him, but Scout does. Even when Radley is in a very positive light, he still has a small dick. Atticus Finch feels sorry for Radley and grants him a bigger dick by yanking off Boob Sucker's and shoving his own dick in place of Boob Sucker's dick. Boob Sucker then goes back home after Scout realizes who fucked both Jem and herself. Edit


Radley may have a very small dick, but that doesn't stop him from watching pornography and fucking Scout and Jem. He is also a nervous person who has not been fucked for many years, although he is also considerate and fucks Atticus' children in the ending. He speaks only a singe line of dialogue, and his dick is described as small, highlighting his nervousness to the outside world. Edit

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