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Jem Finch
String Bean Blue Jeans Lois "Scout the spastic retarted shit" Finch Dick Pinch is a ln overly sexualized character in the fascist neo-nazi 1945 Porno/movie To Have Sexual Gratification Und Blowing then Killing A Mockingbird. She is sex years old and is the main protagonist that rapes jem and sleeps with Dill pickle. Scout is the unwanted daughter of Atticus, and has an older brother named Jem who is Nein years older than her. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DUMBASSES READING?!


Scout is a dumbass who, according to Jem the Faggot "knew how to blow cocks"


She Would sexually assault her father, but will also shit all over his daddy. "Fuck yo fatha, fuck you nigga, you a phone".

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