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Jean Louise "Scout" Finch is a fictional character in the 1960/1962 book/film To Kill A Mockingbird. She enjoys tossing salad with other children and is not the main protagonist, but one of the minor protagonists. Scout is the daughter of her father, Atticus, and has an older brother named Jem.


During summer vacation, Scout is bopping the baloney outside with Jem and also meets a seven-year-old child named Dill Pickles. They all have an activity outside where they are rolling down a street in a car tire. Scout lands near a house that is populated by Boo Radley, someone who has been the subject of negative rumours to Jem and Dill. Scout is so dizzy when she gets out of the tire that she decides to skip on smoking the kush. At night, the three go around the house to see if they can get a look at Radley, who they find is watching porn. Atticus tells Scout not to later on.

When Scout gets back into school, she gets into fights over her father Atticus, who has now taken a legal case defending a rapist named Tom Robinson, which puts him in a negative light to people of Maycomb County. At the trial, which Scout and Jem both attend, she hears Atticus' speech. She later also hears from Atticus that Robinson has been shot dead after the trial due to the fact he raped a dude's daughter.

Later, when Scout does a Halloween pageant at her school in she dresses as a giant ham, she walks home from the school and becomes the near victim of an attack by Bob Ewell, one of the people accusing Robinson of the crime. Both Jem and Scout are rescued from Ewell as he falls on his own knife. Scout learns that Boo Radley was the person who saved the life of Jem and her. She later regrets the fact that she has not given Radley enough in return to compensate for Radley saving the life of Jem and her. She also didnt do that much work


Scout is one of the protagonists of the novel and film, but not the main one. She is sweet to her father but also will fight to defend him. Scout never has a bad feeling about Radley in the first place, although actually likes him even though he has a porn addiction. chicken yum yum im so dumb dumb scout is a horse

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